NEdit Support

What you can find here:

On this page there are mainly three additions to NEdit, the Nirvana text editor:

Moreover, there are some macros, recent news and a tips and tricks page.

Windows Port

Unfortunately, the family of MS Windows operating systems is rather widely used. It is a common problem that you want to have your tools available independent of the environment you are working in. Thus the intention of the Windows port of NEdit is exactly to make NEdit available on MS Windows to users, who are accustomed to it on Unix systems.
The contribution here is about to get NEdit up and running on Windows in a minimal but fully functional setup as quickly as possible.

LaTeX-Mode Macros

People, who use computers mainly for word processing or typesetting, usually don't know about macros (let alone to write them), that can help them with their work, whereas for programmers it is quite natural to have their own macros. So, having a macro package that turns NEdit into an advanced LaTeX editor in order to ease editing LaTeX files is worthwhile.


Do you dream of continuous spell-checking inside NEdit? Well, here it is, but don't expect too much (because NEdit wasn't really made for such things).

Future Plans

The future plans are mainly maintaining the Windows port and further improving the LaTeX-Mode.

Perhaps another addition to make would be a kind of tutorial for NEdit to explain and show by example the advanced features built into NEdit, like regular expressions, macro programming, rectangular selections, key-bindings ... So far, you can investigate the provided macros, which perhaps is even better than a tutorial.

Just to get rid of the amazing thought that one had to learn something awkward to handle only to have powerful features available. Rather, of course, an awkward handling only hinders you to get to the features! So, with NEdit you can focus on the goals you want to achieve, rather than on the oddities of your text editing tool.