NEdit's LaTeX-Mode

What is it?

The NEdit LaTeX-Mode is a collection of macros that turn the Nirvana Editor into an advanced LaTeX editor. Moreover, an on-line help is included, that can also trigger editing commands inside NEdit. (You need Tcl/Tk to run it.)
The latest version is 0.9.1 from April 2005, requiring at least NEdit v5.4. Notice that this macro set is not intended to perfectly serve all needs. You can and should customize it to your needs and taste.

What can it do?

This was only a short and incomplete overview. Simply go to the download page and check it out yourself.

If it isn't enough?

The big advantage of using NEdit is that everything is easily customizable to your own wishes and taste. Fantasy is not limited. You needn't learn Lisp, learning NEdit scripting will do. This is easy and you'll get results quickly.
In this respect the NEdit LaTeX-Mode serves as a tutorial of "how to do it yourself".