NEdit Support

Mailing Lists:

Since communication among users and developers of programs is important, there is a mailing list to ask and answer questions and share knowledge about NEdit. You can get the best answers about NEdit on this list. Please make sure to read NEdit's documentation, to browse the list (maybe the answer to your problem is already there) and also to confirm the FAQ on Niki (the NEdit Wiki), before posting a question to this list. (Otherwise the answer will be: Read the docs!)

Notice that nobody likes spam. So to avoid spam on the list, non-member postings will not be transfered to the list. This means that you have to subscribe before you can post! The process of (un)subscribing is automated.

In order to subscribe to the discuss list, send mail to with the body consisting of the single word: subscribe

To unsubscribe do the same with the keyword unsubscribe, i.e. unsubscribe

Notice that you don't need a subject and that all lines in the body are interpreted as commands. So if you have a signature, you'll get a couple of error messages.

After subscribing you can submit mail to the discussion list by sending it to

If you really don't like mailing lists, you can also post questions about NEdit to comp.editors or de.comp.editoren. I sometimes browse these newsgroups. Make sure to put [nedit] in the subject then, so that these posts come on top of my newsreader.