Petition to free Motif

There are over 1300 signatures of the petition so far. Thank you all!

If you are interested in NEdit, specifically in running NEdit on MS Windows or cross platform, you can still sign the petition to open source Motif!

Why? NEdit depends strongly on the Motif libs. The presence of different Motifs like OSF Motif, OpenMotif and LessTif simply causes lots of problems. While LessTif is free and cross platform, it is still rather alpha quality in many new releases causing NEdit not to work properly. OSF Motif is available only on commercial Unix systems, while OpenMotif is allowed only for operating systems which are 'open' (most commercial Unix systems and MS Windows are not 'open'). This is a mess, read more.


Providing a customized Xming zip archive for the Windows port of NEdit.

Released N-spell, see the changelog. Moreover, corrected a problem in a macro extracting menu entries.

New project macros and created N-spell.

LaTeX-Mode v0.9 uploaded.

Migration of the site to a new web-desing created by Mark Florian.

Windows port of NEdit 5.5+ with tabbed interface uploaded. Update to the Cygwin DLL version 1.5.5. The 1.3.* series isn't supported any more.