Purpose of NEdit's Windows port

NEdit is a Unix program for the X Window System and you should normally use it in this environment. This means, if you don't know NEdit yet and have Linux, BSD or some other Unix available somewhere you should try NEdit there first.

This Windows port of NEdit should not be seen as kind of Notepad substitute. Also, the port is not intended for computer users with low experience.

Since this port is not a native Windows program, but runs under a Unix emulation and in addition requires a so-called X server (although there is the free Xming available), this would be an overkill to only have a simple text editor. There are free (GPL'd) editors around running natively on MS Windows like Notepad++, Scite, AnyEdit, or whatever that you should use if you don't need more.

This port is intended for folks that know NEdit already, like it very much, have written their macros for it and want to have it available on Windows, too.

Folks that need a professional text editor on MS Windows, but don't like to waste their time with poor user interfaces nor like to spend hundreds of dollars for licenses that take away your freedom to improve and share the editor may have a look, too.

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